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Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We hope to answer your questions about having your wedding service at First Presbyterian Church of Newport, Oregon. Please ask if you have any additional concerns.


The first concern people usually have is: How much will it cost? The following fees have been set to cover the basic expenses:

          Complimentary use of Sanctuary
          Complimentary use of Pastor
          Coordinator $100
          Custodian $75

          Sanctuary $200 + a $100 refundable deposit
          Pastor $100
          Coordinator $100
          Custodian $75

Applicable to both members and non-members:

  • Organist/Pianist $100*
  • Soloist $75*
  • Multimedia $75*

There is an additional flat fee of $25.00 for usage of the Power Point.

* Prices include one rehearsal and service. Please add $25.00 for each additional hour of rehearsal or preparation time.

Please make the checks out to the appropriate people and place in a sealed envelopes marked: Sanctuary, Clergy, Organist, Coordinator, Custodian, Multimedia, etc. Bring the checks to the rehearsal along with the marriage license. The envelopes may be given to the Wedding Coordinator.

The Wedding Date

Once your date has been set, please consult the Wedding Coordinator. Please allow at least six (6) months, if possible, for a series of meetings to plan your wedding.


Music should be chosen in consultation with the Director of Music. The church organist normally plays for all weddings. If someone other than the church organist is desired, please contact the Director of Music first.


The wedding ceremony is a service of worship. Pictures and video taping are permitted during the service if taken with regard and respect. The wedding party may take pictures before or after the ceremony.

Church Decorating and Furniture

Decorations are permitted in the chancel area, however, no nails, duct tape, or tacks are allowed. Any questions of the pulpit and any other church furnishings are to be directed towards the Wedding Coordinator.

No smoking is allowed on the church premises.

The church’s pedestal flower vases and candelabras are available for use.

No bird seed or rice may be thrown inside or outside the church building. A word to families and friends will avoid an expensive cleaning of floors. Bubbles are a clean and environmentally friendly option.

Contact Information

Please see our Church Leadership page.